Residential Park Information

The Clayton Residential Park is quite separate from the holiday park and has some fundamental differences. The owners of the residential park homes use the homes as their sole residence and reside there throughout the year. The key details of what is involved when owning a park home are detailed below:

2023 Residential Pitch Management Fee

£173.92 per month

This payment includes VAT, and sewerage and water rates.

Council Tax

As a residential park home is the occupiers sole residence Council Tax is also due.

All residential park homes are classified as Band A. The annual cost is currently circa £800.


Electricity is metered and read monthly. Current rate per unit £0.19p, plus VAT. This electricity rate is fixed until 1 January 2023.

From 1 January 2023 – 1 April 2023 we expect electricity prices to be in the region of 35p-40p per unit of electricity used (this is in line with the energy price cap). We are currently awaiting confirmation from the government on this and the electricity rate beyond April 2023. There is an annual standing charge of £19.20 per year.

A £4.00 per month administration fee applies.


Gas is supplied by gas cylinders or by a private LPG supply from a tank in the garden of the home.

1983 Mobile Homes Act

The rights of owners of Park Homes are protected by law under the terms of the 1983 Mobile Homes Act. A copy of the Act is provided to every owner at Clayton when purchasing a home.